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Before we go into what the e-RHAM is, we should explain to you about the RHAM, which stands for "Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module".

The Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM), of the Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia (FFPAM) was created to address the rising social ills with specific focus on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of adolescents. The RHAM was funded by the United Nations Population Fund under "Project MAL/98/P02". It intends to lay the foundation for the empowerment of young people by equipping them with correct information and life skills to enable them to make positive and responsible choices and living with regards to their sexual and reproductive health. These skills will also help young people to deal effectively with the changing demands and challenges of everyday life. It is not easy to sail through adolescence to adulthood. RHAM through its interactive and youth-friendly seminar approach gives adolescence the opportunity towards a brighter future and eases the sailing process from adolescence to adulthood.

The RHAM is divided into 7 key concepts. Key concept consists of several main topics, which via activities, is intended to lead to the holistic (total) development of young people. The concepts are as follows:


     RHAM is Project MAL/98/P02 funded by UNFPA
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