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Philosophy of the Federation


The Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia (FFPAM) is a pioneer in Family Life Education providing education in human sexuality, family life and related services to increase awareness amongst youth on the importance of maintaining and practising responsible living. We have a training module and curriculum in the form of the "Reproductive Health for Adolescents Module" (RHAM), produced in 1998 and funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Project MAL/98/P02, the RHAM, is a proven methodology supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Women and Family Development. The "e-RHAM" is the electronic version of the RHAM, designed to reach out to Malaysian adolescents and youths, and to capture their interests with interactive, attractive and knowledge- and skills-building courseware.

FFPAM is the leading not-for-profit organization in Malaysia which aims to educate Malaysians in family planning and responsible parenthood, and promote and support effective family planning and reproductive health services. We offer the following services to Malaysians.
  • Provide family planning services and advice to the urban poor, migrant workers and the lower socio-economic strata through our Family Planning clinics.

    This means we provide the necessary information on contraception methods so that families know how to plan when to have babies. We also give personal, quality services such as:

    • PAP smear screenings and breast examinations so that you can detect if you have cancer
    • Investigation on why a woman cannot have babies
    • Treatment of minor gynaecological problems
    • Menopause management and treatment
    • Sexual and reproductive health counseling services

  • Work together with government bodies like:
    • Ministry of National Unity and Social Development
    • National Population and Family Development Board
    • Ministry of Health

    and non-governmental organizations like:
    • National Council of Women’s Organizations
    • Malaysian AIDS Council
    • National Council of Social Welfare

    so that there will be further improvement of sexual and reproductive health care for women and adolescents.

  • Inform, educate and communicate to women on positive and responsible ways to take care of their sexual and reproductive health.

    We also promote to men their responsibility towards sexual and reproductive health. We do all these through campaigns, exhibitions and talks.
  • Give Family Life education to Youths.

    This means we provide accurate information and living skills to youths in human sexuality and family life. Youths can receive counseling and learn about:

    • Leadership
    • Assertiveness
    • Negotiation

    Youths who learn from our youth-friendly educators can better make responsible choices on issues such as dating and substance abuse and can become peer educators so that they can help their friends who are in trouble. We train youths through have training camps and very soon, live e-learning classes.

  • Educate women so that they can make decisions that benefit their socio-economic status and their general and reproductive health.

    We also promote greater gender equity and equality where opportunities are provided to develop women to make decision-making roles at all levels.

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