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About This WEBSITE

We are the Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia ("FFPAM" for short) and we created this website to provide knowledge and responsible living skills to adolescents and youths in the field of sexual and reproductive health (SRH). We want to give all adolescents and youths in Malaysia free access to this website, which is:

  • Youth-friendly
    Our website is designed to allow Malaysian youths (and parents) to quickly get the information they want in a language that is easy for them to understand. Youths are also free to voice out their concerns and to participate in the future development of the website. We also provide rationale and non-judgmental online, telephone, and face-to-face advice to youths who need urgent assistance.

  • Safe
    Our managed forum and online chatrooms (coming LIVE in May 2003) are handled by experienced people who have worked with youths and are in a position to give proper advice to provide an interactive, non-threatening environment to talk and discuss openly on matters related to SRH.

  • Open
    We entertain all questions and suggestions from the public without prejudice and we make sure that we give adequate and correct information to our youths so that they may make informed choices. Youths can also get involved and take charge of the future of this website through the Family Planning Associations' Youth Centers.

  • Information-reliable
    The information contained in this website is managed by the oldest and most experienced Family Planning organization in Malaysia (40 over years old) with support from their 13 State Family Planning Associations. It contains contributions from many people who have worked with dedication to improve the status of adolescents and youths.

    We hope that after adolescents and youths have gone through our website, they will be better informed and can make responsible life decisions for their well-being.

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