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For all Lord of The Ring (LOTR) fans, when the news of the long awaited exciting finale of the greatest epic adventure of all times has finally come, they were overjoyed. I too, am one of the LOTR fans. So, when I knew that Starbucks Coffee is having a special charity premiere, I decided to join the crowd. After watching the movie, what I want to say about this movie is: “The movie was fantastic!”. Besides the fighting scenes, the part that gave me deep thought is the kin relationship between Denethor and Faramir.

In the movie, Faramir played the role of the son of ageing Gondor steward Denethor, a lost soul who yearns for his father’s love. Denethor, the king of Minas Tirith is always act like a ditactor who controls everybody. He had never expressed his care and love to Faramir. What he cared for was only his kingdom. He scolded Faramir when Faramir returned back to Minas Tirith after Faramir had failed to protect the border and lost the city to Orc. He did not show any concern to Faramir about how and why they failed in the task. Denethor even told Faramir that he wished Faramir had died in the war instead of his brother, Baramir because he was so useless.

I really have deep thoughts after watching this movie. Why did Denethor act that way to Faramir? Was it because he is the king or he the father who can’t put himself down to the earth? I think this scene not only happens in the movies but happens too in real life especially in the Asian country. For us, expressing our feeling to others is “NO WAY”! We always tend to neglect people around us especially our own parents/ children. We are shy to express our love and care to them. We only notice and start showing them our care and love when they are not by our side. This is not a healthy scene.

During my university life, I attended a workshop where during the sharing session everybody was required need to share something about themselves. Until now, I still can recall what a senior told. The senior said that life without love and care is meaningless. He grew up in a single parent family with three siblings. Throughout the years, his mother sacrificed a lot for the family. He had never told his mother how he appreciates what his mother did for them because he thought this was not a must. But, he regretted not telling his mother how much he loved her and now she had left him. He advised that we should always express ourselves to let others know how much we care and love them. Since then, I took his advice. Now, I feel that my relationship with my parents, sibling and friends are getting better and better.

Here are some tips that you can refer to if you are willing to give it a try:
  • Greet when you meet each other because greeting someone in earnest can brighten that person’s day.
  • Praise when one has done a good job. Don’t be too stingy with words.
  • Respect each other.
  • Don’t compare one another.
  • Say it and meant it.
  • Clearly expressing your feeling to others when you feel so.
  • Always listen and respect others opinion before you make a decision. Be prepared to negotiate.

So friend, let us start now to show others that we care and concern about them. But remember, show it only at the right timing…J

Lim Siow Yen
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