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What is value? Is value = to money? How to measure? And I was asked to create values!!! How and why? Do I have the answer? Do I know how? I was still thinking when the light in the hall was dimmed, soft music was played and the facilitator started to give instructions….

Close your eyes. You are going to build your own house. You are now at the site where your house is going to be. It could be by the beach or at the foot of a hill. You are going build it by bringing in the materials and furniture by snapping your fingers.

First snap, put up the fence for the garden, then bring in potted plants and all kinds of flowers that you like. You are done, stand aside and look at your creation. Smell the flowers and feel the breeze.

You are going to move on to decide the type of flooring you would like to have; timbers, marbles or even only grass and earth. Snap! The floor is ready. You need to build the wall and roof. What materials and designs are your preferences? Snap! They are all in place.

Open the door and go inside. There you are standing in the middle of the hall. Now, bring in the furniture, fittings and decorative items as you wish to have. Where is your kitchen? Where is your bedroom? What about the toilet? Are you going to have a reading corner for yourself? What colour of paint are you going to use for your interior wall? Snap three times and they will be in place.

Right in the middle of the hall, there is a big screen and your favourite chair.

Sitting on your favourite chair, with a click, the movie comes on. You see yourself, celebrating your 100th birthday. Around you are your children and their spouses, grandchildren, great grandchildren, relatives and friends. You look stunning and happy. In front of you, there is a huge cake with many candles on it. You are going to make a wish and then blow off the candles. What was the wish you have made? With that, the screen went off.

Again you look around the house you have built. You take a walk around the house then you walk towards the door. You turn the doorknob and walk through the door and out into the garden. Smell the fresh air, the beautiful flowers greeting you along the walkway to the gate. Open the gate and walk through it. Turn around and look at your creation for the last time.

When I count to 3, you are back in the hall…1, 2, 3

How do you feel? What do you like about the house you have built? Write them down. Look for a partner and share with him / her. Then cancel the word "house" to "myself" and share with another partner.

By then, tears rolled down my cheek as I shared "myself" with my partner. I never thought myself is so worthy. Having gone through this exercise managed by an experienced workshop facilitator, I had created new values within myself. Values which have changed my life and my perspectives since then. I have become more proactive, less grumpy, able to cope with stress and pressure; and the most important change I have made during this workshop is to STOP myself being a VICTIM of a 20-year old incident. The feeling of being free is GREAT.

Simple exercise, use imagination and VOOF.. new values were created…SOOOOO Easy.

Before this workshop, I was in my comfort zone. It was scary because I had started to feel empty at times, less sensitive to my surroundings, stubborn and hot tempered. And I know by moving out means taking risks and going into a more challenging zone which may bring happiness or great disappointment. But I still made a paradigm shift as I have decided, I suddenly experienced new energy, saw lots of potentials, challenges, feeling loved and so much to share with others.

Having gone through this exercise, I have seen the possibility that values can be created and not to be imposed…or in another word; force into, put fears and threatening. To impose, in fact will provoke me to rebel and to be right all the time.

As a RHAM resource person, I will always remember not to impose values into others. In fact, I will invite them (the participants) to go through an exercise with me to create values which I believe will have greater impact in themselves. I valued all experiences that I have gone through in this workshop that I have attended recently for 4 days.

SO... let’s create values!!!!

Christine Low
Assistant Manager
Penang FPA

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