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IL Manual

Instructor-Led Training Manual
1 - The Login Website
2 - The Member Page
3 - The Class Information
4 - The Instructor-Led Training Interface
5 - Islamic Perspective

Download the PDF version of the manual HERE. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

The Login Web Site 

1 - Login Information

This is you type in your LOGIN NAME & PASSWORD and this will bring you into the e-Rham system.

2 - Forget Password

If you have forgotten your password, click on this button. It will bring you to another screen where you either enter your LOGIN NAME, and the system sends you the PASSWORD via email, or if you have forgotten your LOGIN NAME, enter your email address, and the system sends you the LOGIN NAME via email.

3 - Login Button

After entering your LOGIN NAME & PASSWORD, click on the LOGIN button. This will bring you to the following screen (see below).

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The Member Page 

1 - Class Information

Click on this button if you want to view information on Instructor Led Classes.

2 - Start IL Classes

Should you wish to join any Instructor Led classes, click on the "Started" link.

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Class Information 

1 - Online Class Information

Display the Class Name, Class Description and the Activity taught in this Instructor Led Class.

2 - List Of Students Signed Up

It displays the students/participants who have signed up for the Instructor Led class. Information shown are as follows: -
1 - Sex of the participants determined by the icons.
2 - The nickname of the participants. 3 - The name of the school. 4 - The age of the students/participants.

3 - Back Button

Click on this to go back to the previous screen.

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The Instructor-Led Training Interface 

1 & 2 - Class & Activity Information

The CLASS NAME is shown here as per the name given by the lecturer. The ACTIVITY NAME is shown here as per the activity selected by the lecturer.

3 - The Lecturer

The name and photo of the lecturer is shown here.

4 - Lecture Supplements

This section lists the additional materials that the lecturer intends to share with you during this class. You may click on the file names in order to download or view them.

5 - Sub-Activity Navigation

This list shows all the sub-activities you may access during this training session. However, the lecturer will instruct you on which sub-activity you should click.

6 - Toolbox - Load Discussion Answer

This button allows you to load your group or individual answer onto the flash area for discussion purposes. The determination of which exercise is loaded depends on the selection from the lecturer.

7 - Toolbox - File Sharing

This button allows you to launch the file-sharing interface. You may use this function to share some of your materials which are on softcopy (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Webpage file) with the rest of the class.

8 - Toolbox - Leave Class

Should you want to leave the class, click on this button.

9 - Timing Console

The RECOMMENDED TIME, which is the recommended online training time for this particular activity is shown here. The ELAPSED TIME, shows the duration of time this training session has been running since you entered.

10 - Classroom

Click on this to enter the CLASSROOM environment. By default, you will enter the CLASSROOM environment when you click on "Started" (prior to joining a class).The CLASSROOM environment is where the lecturer will address all the participants within the training session. Everyone is this CLASSROOM will see the same activity presented in the FLASH area (defined in Section 14).

11 - Group

Click on this to enter the GROUP environment. The GROUP environment is where you can discuss and answer an exercise within the group only. Everyone within the same group will see the same activity exercise. The lecturer will advise as and when a GROUP environment is required.

12 - Individual

Click on this to enter the INDIVIDUAL environment. The INDIVIDUAL environment is where you work on an exercise by yourself. No discussion is allowed with the rest of the class. The lecturer will advise you as and when an INDIVIDUAL environment is required.

13 - Flash Area

This is where the activity will be presented and this includes the exercises. The activity loaded here is dependent on what the lecturer has enabled (from the lecturer interface) and this is shown on your Sub-activity Navigation bar (defined in Section 5).

14 - Chat History

This is where you will see the chat history of all the students/participant including yourself and the lecturer. You may use this as a form of reference on what has been discussed during a particular class session.

15 - Chat Input

This is where you are to key in your chat text prior to clicking on the SEND button. Whatever you have keyed in this chat input box will be shown in the Chat History and everyone can view it.

16 - Participants List (Virtual Classroom)

This section shows the list of participants present in this virtual classroom.Each person is identified by an icon and their nickname. All persons shown in this list will be able to view the messages sent via chat.
The Virtual classroom list is dynamic therefore if somebody leaves the class, the icon will disappear from the list and vice versa.

17 - Hands Up/ Hands Down

During the training session, the lecturer can disable the chat function of all students. If this is implemented, you must click on the hands-up button should you wish to speak via the chat input.Upon clicking on the hands-up button, wait for the lecturer to grant permission to speak.
Should you change your mind prior to the lecturer granting permission to speak, you may opt to put their 'hands' down and this can be done by clicking on the same button again.

18 - Whiteboard

Click here to initiate the whiteboard session with the rest of the class. The whiteboard is like a blackboard in a conventional classroom. You may draw on the whiteboard, and your drawing can be viewed by the everybody in the class.

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Islamic Perspective 

1 - Islamic Perspective Button

Click on this button if you wish to view this particular topic in the Islamic Perspective.

2 - Exiting Islamic Perspective

The CLOSE BOX button on the top right corner will appear if you are within the Islamic Perspective presentation. Should you want to leave the Islamic Perspective presentation, click on the CLOSE BOX button. This will lead you back to the Universal edition of the e-RHAM presentation.

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