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Under the component of activities planned for the Stargate Club,a school based activity, a JOICFP Asia Regional pilot testing project on "Strategies for Sexual Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth 2000-2003", the one and only in Malaysia, young people from Melaka are able to enjoy the benefits of this project that focuses on educating adolescents and youth on SRH. A training course was held on 4th September 2003. The main objective of the training was to train a pool of peer educators in empowering them in making responsible decisions in their lives thus influencing other in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Be non-shockabl... Maintain a sense of humour... These are among the characteristics required of a peer educator especially in dealing with young people. With that, 18 students of the St David's' High School, who are the Stargate Club committee members and Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) were trained as peer educators on matters related to Sexual Reproductive Health, in using RHAM as a training tool.

The participants were given information on the techniques in handling the RHAM activities, which encompasses 7 Concepts, 20 topics and 75 activities. The one-day programme was very compact. Students need to move around, getting their ideas and answers on mahjung papers, role playing, discussions and voicing up their likes and dislikes in going through their growing up years. A team of 5 facilitators from Melaka FPA, which were mainly very young facilitators, shared their skills and knowledge in handling RHAM and matters related to SRH.

The training turned out well, both the facilitators and participants enjoyed themselves in sharing ideas and misconceptions about SRH.

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