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After six months of hard work, Penang FPA's "Red Ribbon Project" committee saw the fruit of their creativity become reality. On Sunday, 7th September 2003 at the Summit Hotel Bukit Mertajam. YB Ng Siew Lai, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang Kawasan Bukit Tengah accompanied by FPA President Tunku Dato' Dr Ismail Bin Tunku Mohd Jewa to officially launch the Red Ribbon Table Top Game (English International Edition 2003) by cutting a large red ribbon placed with the display at the ballroom.

This game is a HIV/AIDS educational game, interactive for players and useful as a gift. It can be stored at home, in any library and classroom. Anyone can play the game. The project team hopes that other sponsors can support the development of the game into different language versions.

There were 140 people who witnessed the launch. After speeches by Ms Ivy Ho (Launch Chairman), Tunku Dato' Dr Ismail and YB Ng Siew Lai, complimentary sets were presented to our co-sponsor for the production of the initial production, SSL Healthcare, to the volunteers in the School Outreach AIDS Prevention (SOAP) Penang Programme who had helped in the Red Ribbon Roadshow, collaborating NGOs, Community AIDS Service Penang (CASP) and Prihatin Riben Merah and others involved in the project.

The event was followed by a cheque presentation for RM5,000.00 by SSL Healthcare representative to the FPA President. After the presentation, about 120 student participants, using 10 new sets, played the game. Everyone enjoyed tea after that.

From a floorboard game made for World AIDS Day 2002 called "Giant Me Red Ribbon Ladder Game" which had 20 squares of plywood used for going round to the schools which invited our FPA, the SOAP members were inspired to work on a table top game board. This version was tested out at several schools, among FPA personnel and other volunteers and became 49 squares. There are opportunity cards and chance cards in the game so the element of competition makes the game sustainable.

Ms Engie Ng, Ms Christine Low, Mr Ong Lay Seong (designer), Mr William Ooi Chan (graphics) worked together to develop this game into a merchandise package with input from Ms Yeap Meng Chee (Project Chairman), Ms Seow Hooi Cheng and Ms Oo Leng Choo.

The Red Ribbon Table Top Game is part of the Red Ribbon Roadshow project which was supported by the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) with Ministry of Health funding. Dr Ang Eng Suan, Executive Director, FFPAM had helped to source for a local donor to produce the sets because the funding from the MAC was for the roadshow in schools and not for development work on the game board.

To purchase a set of this game, please contact Ms Christine Low at Penang FPA at Tel/Fax: 604-2825191; e-mail: fpapen@po.jaring.my

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