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In previous generations, adolescents would encounter critical experience in defining life events such as first marriage, first sexual intercourse and parenthood. However, this is no longer true for many young people nowadays. They have their rights to protect themselves from unwanted sex, unplanned pregnancy, early childbearing, unsafe abortion and sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, they now form one of the largest groups with an unmet need for reproductive health services. Thus, appropriate and effective strategies are needed to meet the requirements of adolescent reproductive health.

In regards with this, the Sabah Family Planning Association organized the “RHAM Youth Camp” on 2nd to 4th June 2003 at Sabah Agricultural Park, Tenom for a group of youth members and young volunteers. This youth camp with its objective to provide peer educators with Sexual and Reproductive Health education and life skills (via RHAM/MKRR) for a healthy and responsible lifestyle was conducted successfully in order to achieve holistic youth development and further impart that knowledge to their peers and consequently contribute to nation building.

This project, sponsored by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was implemented successfully and effectively. The concepts were taught in participatory manner whereby everyone participated actively in all the activities of RHAM module. Besides this, participants showed their leadership and co-operation during the camp. At the end of the camp, all the participants commented that they have gained lots of information and knowledge pertaining to issues on adolescents and sexuality, which would be applied to their life as to enhance a healthy lifestyle as well as to their peers.

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