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Highlights Of Activities Held In 2002

Johore FPA, in addition to providing family planning and reproductive health services such as Pap smear screening and management of menopause, held a number of awareness cum educational activities in 2002 which benefited women.

Three campaigns were held in 2002. The first was a campaign on "Women’s Welfare and Wellbeing" organized in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Skudai. Held on 24 February 2002, the campaign provided medical check-up to about 150 women including Pap smear screening and breast examination (to detect early signs of cervical and breast cancer, respectively). In addition there was also an exhibition and talks on reproductive health such as Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Menopause and Osteoporosis.

The second campaign was on Bone Density Test and Teaching of Breast Self-Examination held at the FPA’s clinic at Taman Pelangi on 8 April 2002. 25 persons (includes one man) came for the services offered.

The third campaign was on Nur Sejahtera 2002 - "Sihat dan Segak" which was funded by the Ministry of Women and Family Development. The campaign was held in collaboration with the State National Population and Family Development Board and Department of Health, on 29 October 2002. 520 women attended the event which comprised of talks and provision of general medical check-up and counselling services.

In addition, Johore FPA also participated in the talks and provision of medical services, organized by PUSPANITA on 30 May 2002. Johore FPA was responsible in the teaching of breast self-examination. A total of 110 women attended the campaign and 50 women had learned breast self-examination.

Currently a Pap smear campaign is going on at its main clinic in No. 10-A, Jalan Abiad Satu, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bharu, Johor till November 2003. Johore FPA is also networking with the Red Crescent Society and other related agencies to promote the reproductive health of women and the community via mobile health services which will be brought to the "doorsteps" of the communities.

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