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Candlelight Vigil In Commemoration Of The International Aids Memorial Day

The Youth Members of Youth Resource Centre and Selangor/Wilayah Persekutuan (WP) FPA are organizing a candlelight vigil on 7 June 2003 at 5.00 pm to mark International AIDS Memorial Day (IAMD), 2003.

The event will be held out-door, at the Selangor/WP FPA Headquarters at 2B, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Kuala Lumpur. The out-door location is ideal as the back-portion of the building is surrounded by a canopy of trees.

The main objective of this event is to remember the lives lost and to renew our strength in fighting the disease in line with this year’s theme, “ Remember the Cause, Renewing Our Commitment”. The Candlelight Vigil will also remind us on the value of life and how we should appreciate life.

A meaningful programme is being planned. Young people will be putting up poem recital, dramas and banners to signify the importance of coming and working together to remove discrimination and stigmatization, to uphold positive values and lifestyles and to check the spread of the virus.

The Youth Resource Centre of Selangor/WP is also inviting young people in and around Selangor/WP to join the Youth Resource Centre. Interested? To find out more e-mail yrc@tm.net.my.

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