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SARAWAK FPA - Capturing The Interests Of Youth
Due to tight study schedules and time constrains, it is harder to involve young people just by organizing activities at the Family Life Education (FLE) Club. Thus an alternative approach has been made to capture the interests of youth. This year, Sarawak FPA's FLE programme will emphasize more on school-based activities. Sarawak FPA, with the permission of the Sarawak Education Department will be conducting the Reproductive Health of Adolescent Module (RHAM) based programmes throughout the year at the following 7 schools, namely SMB St Thomas, SMK Lumba Kuda, SMB Kuching High, SMB St Mary's, SMK Green Road, SMK Sungai Maong and Chung Hua Middle School No. 4. As the counsellors from the 7 schools stated above had attended our Positive Lives Asia Workshops and had purchased the RHAM from our FPA, we would be working closely with the counsellors in assisting them conduct activities based on our RHAM.

One of the main issues in this year's school-based programme shall be HIV/AIDS prevention programme as a tool to educate and create better awareness among the young people on avoiding risky behaviours and practices in relation to HIV/AIDS prevention. An exhibition on HIV/AIDS and Q&A session were conducted recently at Chung Hua Middle School No. 4. for all Form 1 students, and responses from them were very encouraging. Many such activities will be carried out at other schools in the near future.

A special "One Year Programme For Teenage Girls", funded by the Ministry of Women and Family Development will also be carried out for 20 Form 2 female students at SMK Petra Jaya. Activities of this project include skills training based on RHAM. Handicraft workshop is also included to train teenage girls to practice a healthy and more productive lifestyle. Objectives of this project are to provide healthy and productive pass-time activities to teenage girls as a way of preventing them from indulging in unhealthy activities and to unstill positive moral and life values.

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