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In conjunction with the National World AIDS Day, Kelantan FPA with funding by Malaysian AIDS Council successfully organized Y2Y Live and Let Live Open Air Workshop on 6 December 2003 at Town Council Car Park of Kota Bahru.

The theme for this workshop was “Stigma and Discrimination – Live and Let Live”. This theme was chosen because as mentioned in the message from UNAIDS, to fight HIV/AIDS effectively, we need to fight stigma and discrimination. For many, they have more fear towards the stigma and discrimination than of the disease itself. The objectives of the workshop were to educate the public about HIV/AIDS in an effort to fight stigma and discrimination and to sensitize the public as to encourage the people not to be afraid or ashamed to learn about HIV/AIDS.

On that day, many activities were carried out. This included open-air fund raising car wash, quiz, game, lucky draws, exhibition and information counter. Other agencies such as Prostar and Anti Dadah Agency were also invited to participate in the exhibition. Public were led to the exhibition booth while waiting for their car being washed. At the same time, they were encouraged to reads the board by participating in the quiz competition. The workshop was a huge success as the heavy crowd visited the exhibition booth and the car wash counter.

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