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On 2-3 December 2003, a Regional Workshop on Sensitization and Update on HIV/AIDS for Women Leaders was organized by the Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia. It was conducted in Kuantan in collaboration with Family Planning Association, Pahang and funded by the Malaysian AIDS Council. There were 5 women leaders each from Kelantan and Terengganu and 25 women leaders from Pahang.

The objectives for this workshop were:
  1. to create awareness and concern on women issue and HIV/AIDS.
  2. to sensitize women leaders about implications of HIV/AIDS.
  3. to help women leaders plan strategies and proactive actions which can be implemented by them/local woman NGO.
  4. to create a catalyst for healthy reproductive practice focusing on HIV/AIDS.
During the workshop, activities such as discussions, presentation, group work and lecture were carried out. The life experience by a PLWHA was an interesting session, from which participants got to know more information on HIV/AIDS and erase stigma faced by PLWHA.

The participants were divided into 3 groups during the workshop to discuss and plan programs to be implemented by them/ local woman NGO. They expressed appreciation for the opportunity to attend the workshop and felt more confident to carry out proposed programs for the benefit of their communities.

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