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The INTEYO CLUB of the Perak Family Planning recently organized its leadership camp at Sufes Camp, Tapah from 12th - 14th December 2003. The objective of the camp was to instill good leadership qualities and also enhance teamwork amongst participants who attended this camp. The camp was attended by 34 participants and it was facilitated by 2 Youth Advisors and 7 youth facilitators.

On the first day, though there was a heavy shower of rain that did not dampen the spirits of these young adolescents who braved the downpour and erected their tents. Interesting activities followed, like group dynamics whereby groups had to come up with their own group names, flags and group jiggles. Later at night, they were put through the first level of stress test whereby each participant was asked to source out items in the campsite. The highlight of the day was a night hike. It was a great experience for all the participants who had an insight on the experience of hiking in the night.

The second day started with a sunrise hike which lasted for 3 hours. It was a great experience to be able to see the whole of Tapah town from the tip of the hill. After completing the hike, the participants had group dynamics. Later in the evening, participants went on to the 2nd level of stress whereby they were asked to work in groups of 2 participants to carry out chores. It was a test of going back to basics, from starting fire with wood, frying an egg to scrubbing the dirt using the natural resources from the stream. The night ended with 2 talks by the Youth Advisors of the Club on Feelings & Values. Throughout these sessions, participants shared heartily their views and discussions on these topics.

The third day also started with a nature adventure activity - stream trotting. It was followed by an "amazing race" kind of game whereby participants had to work in groups to finish the race. The camp ended with prize giving to the best group and also a spirit award for a dynamic individual. The participants were given the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the camp and many gave constructive feedback on how the camp has helped them see things in a different aspect altogether and how they have learned on the importance of teamwork.

These are the comments from the participants:

"I've learned a lot through this Camp although I don't quite like the part on starting fire and fry an egg. But that was the session I learned the most. I like the stream trotting activity, I find it quite interesting. Among the camps I've participated, I find that this is the most challenging one."

"The activities are very tough, mentally and physically. Guess that's the point of this Camp. If there's another Camp like this, I will SURELY come."

"I think it was a very good Camp that stretched our mental and physical capabilities to the limit and finally taught us that there is no limit when we set our minds to do something. It taught us to control our feelings, be considerate and understanding towards each other and the importance of being patient with one another.

It taught us to voice out our opinions. This Camp also made us realize the importance of teamwork and what actual leadership is all about. eg. -,A leader has to be responsible etc., etc"

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