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Perlis FPA with funding from Malaysia AIDS Council successfully conducted a youth camp with the theme of "Positive Lifestyle" on 9-10 September 2003 at Inapan D'rja Darul Farah, Kangar. There were 45 school youths (14-18 years old) who participated in this camp.

During the 2-days workshop, talks on sexual and reproductive health and its prevention, treasure hunts and skill-building workshop were carried out. Apart from the workshop sessions, the youth really enjoyed the indoor and outdoor games and role-play session.

The objectives of this workshop were highly achieved and this can be measured from the feedback from evaluation sheet of all the participants after the 2-days workshop. Based from the feedback from participants, they indicated that they have gained more knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS issues. They were more confident to discuss the issues with their peers and they have improved their skills in making responsible choices on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS after this camp.

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