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In conjunction with World AIDS Day 2003, Sarawak FPA carried out a youth camp entitled "Understanding & Compassion: The Key to Eliminate Stigma & Discrimination" from 17 - 19 November 2003 at Bako National Park. This project was sponsored by Malaysian AIDS Council, with support by Sri Sathya Sai Central Council of Malaysia.

Objectives of this youth camp were:

  • To train participants to be catalyst for creating AIDS awareness programmes in their schools.
  • To instil the value of abstinence among participants.
  • To commit participants to take up the HIV/AIDS Prevention programmes seriously among their peers.
  • To train young people to be peer educators of compassion for People Living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To create dynamic future leaders who will make a difference in their schools and in society.
This youth camp was designed to nurture the youth participants to be forces of change in our effort to eliminate stigma and discrimination against People Living With HIV/AIDS. When given the opportunity and proper guidance, young people can be passionate advocators and vessels for social change through dissemination of information.

This youth camp also served to empower our participants with the knowledge, skills, self-confidence and compassion they need to cope with the impact of HIV/AIDS and those whose lives have been touched by the pandemic. Our participants were given the chance to understand the impact, the pain and discrimination PLWHA is experiencing through composing songs dedicated to PLWHA and sharing session by Sister Fu Choon Kee, counsellor for PLWHA from Sarawak General Hospital.

During this youth camp, participants formed 7 task forces in 7 secondary schools around Kuching to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and compassion towards PLWHA among their peers through monthly discussion in clubs, 10 minutes discussions sessions before class, exhibition and etc. Sarawak FPA will continue to monitor and guide these students in their efforts.


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