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INTEYO CLUB... Come And Join Us

"Youth programs should not be conducted for the sake of activities alone but ought to be done with a sense of purpose and meaningful substance. We need to inculcate positive values and messages in order to guide our youths to the right direction," said the InteYo Club Youth Advisor.

Objectives of InteYo Club:
  • To reach out to young people by having a centre for them to gather, interact & support one another intellectually, emotionally & socially.
  • To create opportunities for young people to explore & build their potentials/talents to become effective youth educators & youth leaders
  • To enrich young people's knowledge in the area of human sexuality & reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS as well as other social & health related issues
  • To enhance young people's living skills so that they can protect themselves from peer pressure, substance abuse & gender violence, both domestic & sexual violence
  • To provide an avenue for young people to help their peers to understand their feelings, to recognise what is important to them & to behave in a away that is caring & responsible

Working towards achieving the established objectives of the InteYo Club is one meaningful direction. A 3-prong strategy approach is identified - education/training, community service and social& recreational activities.

In education & training, our youths were taken for an exchange visit to Penang FPA Youth Advisory Centre on 2 separate occasions in February 2000 and 2003 to learn and share experiences with each other. There are also training exposures for self-development - at least 2 training opportunities in a year.

Equally important for the young people, we believe, is to provide the opening for rendering of service to the community, be it for their peers, juniors or adults. It is in the context of fostering a sense of social responsibility in them to render their vibrant, talented and energetic services. Along with the Association's community programs/activities - public forums/seminars, health campaigns, youth camps, school talks, exhibitions. - our youths help in simple tasks such as registration, facilitating group works, distributing flyers/brochures, functioning as runners etc.

In the event of developing their leadership potentials and enhancing their organisational skills, they get involved directly in planning, organising and executing activities. On an annual basis, the InteYo Club organises an outdoor leadership camp and several educational/recreational activities. This is where the young people's potentials, talents and capability are put into practice. The final testimony is naturally, their personal growth, leadership awareness and the harnessing of passionate attitude in them to care enough for issues that affect them and speak their minds out.

Fun-filled activities are definitely the essence in any youth program. Social gatherings and outings are lined-up to develop and enhance positive social interactions and relationships. BBQ night, Festive Celebration, picnic in Teluk Batik, jungle tracking...

Come and join us for an exciting and worthwhile association with InteYo Club of Perak FPA. We bet U would not only enjoy participating in the activities but also wanting to be a part of the Club's membership. U can e-mail us @ perakfpa@tm.net.my or ppkp681@streamyx.com to find out more.

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