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In mid 2002, Johor FPA organized a Seminar on HIV/ AIDS for Women in Johor Bahru in which 310 women aged 20-65 years attended. Funded by the Ministry of Health through Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), the Seminar provided women with an overview of the HIV/ AIDS scenario in Malaysia, facts on HIV/AIDS, tips and skills on how to protect themselves from HIV/ AIDS and possible actions that can be taken should their family members, neighbours or the women themselves are at risks of contracting the virus.

Johor FPA will continue to carry out more of such activities. In fact, there is a great need to do so, as based on the 44,208 reported HIV/ AIDS cases (1986-2001), Johor has the most number of reported cases, at 8854 i.e. 20% of the total reported cases, followed by Selangor, at 5211 cases. (Source: Ministry of Health through Resource Centre, MAC).

It is also important for young people to know the correct facts about HIV/ AIDS as the national data showed that young people aged 13-29 accounted for 39% of the total reported HIV/ AIDS cases (1986-June 2002, Source: Ministry of Health through Resource Centre, MAC). Remember, there is so far no cure for AIDS! Adopting and practicing healthy lifestyle and safe behaviours save lives.

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