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With the approval of the State Education Department and the assistance of the District Education Office Kota Bharu, Kelantan Family Planning Association (KFPA) carried out a series of activities in early 1999. Through a screening process, a group of youth was picked and trained to be peer educators. Thus the Y2Y Club was born in November 1999 on the eve of Y2K scare. With the increasing problems related to youth sexuality, drugs and HIV, KFPA bravely took up the challenge to implement the Youth programme with funding from FFPAM and Malaysian AIDS Council. The objective was to recruit and train youths to talk to their peers about sexuality and adolescent reproductive health coupled with communication and counseling skills.

Since the implementation of this project, KFPA has trained four groups of Peer Educators. At each stage, senior peer educators were recruited to act as young facilitators to train new groups. These peer educators are also active in organizing and implementing annual activities like the World AIDS Day, which for three consecutive years there were exhibitions, games and quiz in Kota Sri Mutiara for two full days, to educate the young people who "hang out" in the shopping mall. The other big annual project was Y2Y HIV & Drug Roadshow to schools, carried out by the young peer educators and given full support by the State Education Department.

We are also very proud that these young peer educators have represented Kelantan in the National and International scenes:
  • Asmawati Hussin attended the National Workshop on Reproductive Health of Adolescents in Kajang from 27 - 31 May 2000.
  • 2 youth (Kang Waye Hann and Yeap Yar Chen) represented in the FFPAM Youth Forum - The Next Agenda : Youth Empowerment from 27 - 29 May 2001.
  • Nurul Ain Mohd Bakri represented Malaysian youth at the 6th International Congress on AIDS Asia Pacific from 5 - 10 October 2001.

The success lies in the youth themselves who have so much zest and energy to live life and the commitment to help their friends as they mature into adulthood. Y2Y is an effective channel for young people to come together, learn and share and in the process understand their own sexuality. Armed with more knowledge and skills on sexual and reproductive health, these Y2Y peer educators can interact better and more effectively with their peers.
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