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"POSITIVE COMMUNITIES" : Incorporating Positive Lives Asia in Youth HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Programmes

According to statistics released by the Kelantan State Health Department, the second highest route of HIV transmission is through heterosexual activity, after intravenous drug use. Most of those infected in Kelantan are aged between 20 – 39 years.

As such there is a great need for HIV/AIDS prevention education programmes for the young people. Youth is an age of transition, experimentation and risk-taking. Young people take risks during this period of transition, engaging in early sexual activity. An increasing number of them are therefore facing the grim prospect of contracting HIV.

Positive Lives Asia will play a prominent role in the Positive Communities Programme. It is hoped that the photo documentary will:
  • Create awareness amongst youth about the spread of HIV and therefore minimize the number of youth getting involved in high-risk behaviour.
  • Challenge the fear, prejudice and understanding surrounding PLWHAs, so they would not have to suffer stigmatisation and discrimination.
  • Inspire action and involvement of youth in the FPA Prevention Education Programme and Y2Y Club (Youth to Youth).

A variety of activities will be utilized to meet the aforementioned objectives. Images and texts from the Positive Lives Asia will serve as an entry point to discuss issues relating to HIV/AIDS, including types of high risk behaviours, prevention of HIV as well as care and support of People Living with HIV/AIDS.

The Youth Camp will directly benefit an estimated 10,000 youths and indirectly benefit around 20,000 people in Kelantan. This activity will be implemented within year 2003 and will be held at various venues, mostly in schools, community halls and shopping mall where youths like to loiter.

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