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Launching Of Youth-Friendly Services Clinic On 5th Of April 2003

FPA Terengganu has started a Youth-Friendly Services Clinic on every Saturday from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm. We organized a small opening for our Youth Clinic. On the 1st day of launching of our Youth Clinic, about 20 youth came for the opening. More young people would be present if they were not attending tuition and other school activities.

During the launching, we distributed a questionnaire to the young people on what they wanted at the Youth Clinic. Many of them wanted information and para-counselling services. They also wanted lessons on “Communications in English”.

We started the English Class on 19th April 2003 and this class will be held twice a month. Madam Lucy Lim is the resource person. Terengganu FPA will also ensure that the Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module will be used as a teaching tool not only to improve the spoken and written English language skills of the youth members but also through the English class to generate greater understanding of their sexual and reproductive health with specific reference to responsible living.

We had not planned it that by introducing our Youth-Friendly Services Clinic, we are contributing to the national initiative of using the English language to teach science.

Once, in every 2 months Terengganu FPA also organizes a workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health for young people.

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