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PERAK FPA - Leadership Training Programme For Young People
INTEYO (Intelligent Youth) Club under the Perak Family Planning Association is a youth development programme designed and run by youths for youths. The Club's programme has 3 main features i.e. education/training, community services and social/recreational activities.

INTEYO Outdoor Leadership Camp is one of the outdoor activities run by the Club. The Camp's objective is to develop young people to discover leadership potential and prepare them to meet the challenges in life. It involves participants going through a vigorous outdoor, interactive, recreational and thought-provoking activity-based programme that will provide the scope for them to demonstrate personal initiative, organizational skills and leadership capabilities. The Camp also provides the scope for personal growth, building the young people's character, ethics and discipline through structured self-awareness sessions.

The Camp was conducted at SUFES Campsite, Tapah on 20 - 22 December 2002 over a period of 3 days 2 nights for young people age 15-18 years old.

At the end of the day, it is believed that the attitude and not so much the aptitude that determines a person's success in life. This Leadership Training Programme strongly proposes that a person can achieve what he/she has set his/her mind to achieve if he/she has the right attitude. It is a live participatory programme of various physical and mental activities conducted in a very basic environment. By going through difficult exercises in basic conditions, the participants are deliberately pushed towards their physical, emotional and mental limits. The rational for this is that an individual can learn to realise his/her stress and frustration tolerance level. These training experiences become more meaningful for the participants when they exert effort at becoming aware of their negative attitudes, accept them and then act to counter them by developing the positive traits needed.

Next Camp is scheduled on 30 May - 01 June 2003. Registration form would be only out by April 2003. For further details, call Perak FPA at 05-5477849/5467633 or e-mail to perakfpa@tm.net.my

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