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My friend really like this girl that he just knew from another department in the factory. One day, they had sex. Unfortunately, the girl got pregnant. He wanted to pretend that the baby isn't his, by walking away. After I had talked to him about being responsible with our actions, eventually, he married the girl. He thought everything would be okay, but now they have 2 kids and she's pregnant with his 3rd child. His wife just doesn't care about herself or her children. The thought of leaving her crosses his mind over and over. Nevertheless, because of the children, he stayed on. After in-depth thought about his financial condition and his wife's situation, he wants to use contraceptive to have family planning. His wife rejected his idea. However recently, when I saw him at "pasar malam", we chat for a while about family and work. He said that he had to go to a pharmacy before it closed, I asked him why, is anybody sick in the family? He smiled, "Ina, finally I managed to convince my wife to use oral contraceptive." My face beamed with gladness... wow, my advice about family planning actually works!!! Not that I'm a pro at it, but by talking about the expenses and huge responsibilities with close pregnancy, it works. I'm glad I'm able to help, especially when he's a close friend of mine...

That was among the stories shared during the HEY Youth Camp 2003 which was held at Shah Beach Resort from the 25-27 August 2003, among the planned activities under the JOICFP Asia Regional Project, "Strategies for Sexual Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth, 2000-2003", Healthy Empowered Youth (HEY) Club, which is based at Matsushita Refrigeration Industries (MARIM), a factory based project for youth (ages 18-24).

Participants were approached with information on SRH through short role play, group work, games and fun based approaches based from the Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM), which encompasses of 7 concepts, Understanding My Body, Taking Care of My Health, We are Equal, Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities, Me and My Values, My Friends and I and My Family and I. A team of 5 facilitators from Melaka FPA were involved during the camp.

The Tree of Life is an activity where all the participants were required to share their life story. They used large cardboard to display pictures from magazines or drawing to present their life story.

Participants were also requested to summarize what they had learnt during the camp in a banner form, by creating "The RHAM Banner". Meanwhile in lightening up the camp, the participants came up with a choir presentation to entertain the facilitators, whereby the lyrics sung portrayed every detail of the camp's activities.

In conclusion, participants enjoyed themselves and realized that there's more to family planning after all. It is more to family and self-development, which is very essential for young people in making responsible decisions in their life.

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