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Moving Ahead On FLE

Our Family Life Education (FLE) activities for the year 2003 kicked off with an HIV/AIDS exhibition at Chung Hua Middle School No.4. After viewing the exhibition, students were very curious and a lot of questions were asked on the mode of transmission, where to seek consultation or HIV antibody test as well as how to prevent themselves from getting infected by HIV/AIDS. An HIV/AIDS Prevention talk was also organised at another school, SMK Sungai Maong where Sister Fu Choon Kee from Sarawak General Hospital was the speaker for the session. Quite a number of male students raised questions on prevention and the effectiveness of using condoms.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, our Family Planning Association (FPA) participated in setting up an information booth at the Kuching Waterfront. Among other information provided our FPA also emphasized on our FLE Club as well as our youth clinic. The FFPAM Reproductive Health of Adolescent Module (RHAM) was also on display and some colleges were interested to carry out RHAM sessions at their campus after viewing the RHAM. Apart from setting up an information booth, our FPA, in collaboration with AWAM (All Women's Action Society of Malaysia) also organised a "Rape Awareness Workshop" specially catered to 324 female students at SMK Petra Jaya.

RHAM-based sessions are our main activities in schools this year and for the first quarter of 2003, our FPA had conducted 2 RHAM sessions at SMK Lumba Kuda and SMB St. Mary respectively. The 2 concepts discussed were "Me and My Values" at SMK Lumba Kuda and "My Family and I" at SMB St. Mary. Students who attended "Me and My Values" session were students who were more vulnerable to risky behaviours. They were quite co-operative and commented that the activities during our RHAM session were quite interesting and that they have learned a few things about value from us. "My Family and I" was the topic discussed at SMB St. Mary and students were very responsive and co-operative as well. Participants came up with many suggestions on how to improve parent and adolescent relationship.

Sarawak FPA believes that by providing knowledge and skills on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, young people will become more responsible and take positive measures to ensure healthy living.

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