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A Youth Centre is in the making! Located at its main clinic and office, Perlis FPA is setting up a Youth Centre where young people can get information, para-counselling and services related to improving their sexual and reproductive health (SRH).

If you need to know more about growing-up such as body and emotional changes, drop-by at the Youth Centre. The Youth Centre also provides para-counselling and clinical services. Girls, do you know how to do breast self-examination? Need to know more on how to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle? Need someone to talk too - about boy/ girl relationship? Check it out at the Youth Centre, which has youth-friendly features. You will be made to feel comfortable. Privacy and confidentiality are respected. Your views are listened to attentively. And there are interactive sessions.

The establishment of the Youth Centre in Kangar, which will be run by Youth members of Perlis FPA, has been made possible with the support of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and funding from the Germany Government (BMZ).

Perlis FPA is also calling all youth in and around Kangar to take part in this “new happening” in town. The Youth Centre is meant for young people. Get connected to it. Furthermore, a Youth Camp (under UNFPA Project MAL/ 98/ PO2) will be organized in mid 2003 – a great opportunity for young people to learn and share information/ experiences related to the growing-up years. Pick up living skills too and empower yourself to make responsible decisions. For more information, please call Perlis FPA at 04-9760739.

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