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MELAKA FPA - Programme On HIV/AIDS For Young People
(a) Healthy Lifestyle Seminar on HIV/AIDS 2002

Knowledge is power. Education seeks to make the communities aware of the basic facts of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, with the need for accurate information on HIV/AIDS, Melaka FPA teamed up with the Malaysian Indian Community Women's Movement Malacca to conduct a one-day seminar on HIV/AIDS. The objective of this seminar is to create awareness and educate youth on a healthy lifestyle with special emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

Altogether, 250 young Indian girls between the ages of 13-18 years old from various schools in Melaka attended the workshop that was held at Manipal Medical College on the 5th October 2002. The seminar was graciously officiated by YB Datuk R. Raghavan, Melaka Exco member.

The seminar was filled with Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM) activities where students were divided into 7 major groups, following the 7 concepts in the RHAM.

Rather than bombarding the students with information, they were approached with fun-filled activities, short role-plays and games to create a self-adaptation to the topic discussed and how the activities actually reflect real life situations. Furthermore, to create a stronger impact on the topic discussed, Melaka FPA invited Encik Zainuddin Ahmad from Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia, to share his life-story as a person living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). A team from Befrienders was also present, to inform the students that there are channels available in seeking help, especially on suicidal cases.

(b) Commemoration of the World AIDS Day 2002, Stigma and Discrimination: Live and Let Live
Project Tile: HIDE NO MORE

In conjunction with the World AIDS Day 2002, Melaka FPA commemorated the event by organizing a project entitled, HIDE NO MORE that strived to reduce, eradicate and ultimately eliminate the stigma and discrimination imposed on the issues relating to HIV/AIDS. The event was commemorated on the 13 December 2002, at Mahkota Parade Melaka from 12.00 noon to 6.00 pm.

The event had a different approach to it, where members of the Melaka Youth Club wholly organized the whole event, with guidance from the Education Sub Committee. Organizers of HIDE NO MORE included young people from the ages of 14 - 22 years old. To further enhance the whole event, the team from Malaysian AIDS Council was also among the people involved in making the event a success with their Positive Lives Exhibition.

Young people of Melaka and the general public, also spiced up the whole event by participating in the activities carried out. Melaka FPA was also fortunate to have a PLHWA from Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia, Encik Zainuddin Ahmad who came forward to talk about HIV/AIDS.

HIDE NO MORE, a statement that supports the theme, had made an impact on the citizens of Melaka, especially the young people. A day filled with various activities, the event reached out to an estimated 500 people. Despite the event being held on Friday, the 13th, a day known to be eerie, the event started off with an exhibition, where there were distribution of pamphlets, red ribbons, balloons, and condoms; and activities ranging from quizzes, condom guessing and viewing of the positive lives photos.

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