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Adolescents Sexual And Reproductive Health - RHAM ATTACK

For the month of April, Melaka FPA geared into various activities for the young people in relation to sexual and reproductive health (SRH).

More than 200 young foreign women of MARUWA factory in Batu Berendam Free Trade Zone had the opportunity to learn more on Sexual and Reproductive Health through FFPAM's Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM). The workshop on SRH was held on 13 & 24 March and 6 April 2003. We also had an aerobic session to spice up the SRH activities, which had the participants screaming for more when it ended.

Meanwhile, on 17 April 2003, Melaka FPA was invited by SMK Gajah Berang to educate youth on sexual and reproductive health. Young girls from Form 1 and 2, had an enjoyable time through RHAM's fun-based activities. A lot of emphasis was put on Concept 1: Understanding My Body.

News soon spread on the usefulness of RHAM and how Melaka FPA had made waves in schools. Melaka FPA then had an opportunity to carry out a two day workshop on RHAM, for Form 1 - 5 students of SM Cannossa Convent. They were exposed to all the 7 concepts of RHAM, with focus on empowering the young girls to make responsible decisions in matters that affect their well-being and lifes.

In addition, on behalf of FFPAM, Melaka FPA was given the honor to carry out a skills building session on RHAM during the ASEAN Regional Workshop on HIV/AIDS: Addressing Stigma and Discrimination, on 25th April 2003. About 150 young people from various states in Malaysia and of the ASEAN countries had hands-on experience on RHAM. Emphasis was also given on matters related to stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS. Participants were divided accordingly into different groups to cater to the activities assigned to them under the different concepts of the RHAM. We received remarkable responses and participation from the various groups who found the interactive sessions to be very interesting and fun.

RHAM has positively influenced the minds of a number of young people here in Melaka, by providing them with accurate information on SRH. By empowering them with SRH information and skills through fun-based activities, which is an ultimate need of the young people, Melaka FPA hopes to see young people making responsible choices for a better future and thus make their growing-up years, the best years of their lifes.

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