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Announcement!! FPA Terengganu Youth Club "Starmoon" (TYC-Starmoon) had organized a few Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM) activities with students and working youth.

These are the comments/suggestions from various groups who attended the above programmes:

FPA Manager
To conduct more RHAM Programmes but funding is needed. There are more people interested in this programme after hearing from friends about RHAM.

More trainers needed and the duration of the programme should be at least 2 days. Young people should be motivated so that trainers/trainees can communicate easier.

A lot of knowledge can be gained from RHAM. FPA Terengganu should organize more such programmes because many of my friends are interested to attend future RHAM programmes.

It is very hard for us to talk to our children about reproductive health. It is very good that FPA Terengganu could organize this RHAM programme. We are satisfied with this programme.

Members of TYC-Starmoon
We learned how to interact with youth from other states. The course and activities were practical and informative.

Some of the youth-related activities that were conducted by Terengganu FPA:

  • Introduced RHAM to school Interact Club, PRS (School Counselling Club), students from other school clubs and working youths.
  • Training to provide RHAM knowledge for TYC-Starmoon youths.
  • We had sent two youth members for RHAM Trainers Skills Building at Kota Bharu (PCB Resort).
  • 5 Youth members and one adviser had attended RHAM workshop at Kuantan.
  • 3-day RHAM Programme was conducted at Vision World Network (Vision Club) and was sponsored by Vision World Network. This programme was a success. It was attended by the youths from Kolej Risda, Politeknik Kota and the staff from Vision World Network. There were 25 participants (12 male and 13 female). Their ages ranged from 17 to 24 years.

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