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NEGERI SEMBILAN FPA - Youth Activities at Negeri Sembilan FPA for the year 2002
Negeri Sembilan Family Planning Association (NSFPA) Youth Advisory & Resource Centre was set up in year 1997. We have also set up a Youth Club at the Youth Club at the youth Advisory & Resource Centre where Youth Club members get together once a month for a meeting to plan and run courses, workshops and camps for other youth.

There is also a Mini Library, where there are several books for youths to read and refer to, on issues related to their sexual and reproductive health. The use of the library is free of charge. The general public and youths are welcome to use the library.

The following are some of the special highlights of Activities carried out in 2002:
  1. A Reproductive Health of Adolescents Module (RHAM) Training of Trainer/Facilitators was successfully carried out on 7/9/2002 at the Youth Advisory and Resource Centre for 15 youths. The 15 youth have now joined NSFPA as active youth volunteers.

  2. One RHAM workshop was successfully carried out for 25 in-school youths from Sekolah Menengah St. Paul on 27/9/2002.

  3. A Family Life Education cum HIV/AIDS workshop was successfully carried out at the NSFPA premises on 16/11/2002 for 69 in-school youths.

  4. Red Ribbon Awareness Leadership Youth Camp was held on 13/12/2002 and 14/12/2002 for 80 youths at NSFPA Clinic premises and Taman Awam Hutan Rekreasi. Tuis project was sponsored by Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) and Malaysian AIDS Federation (MAF) in conjunction with World AIDS Day on 01/12/2002 with the theme "Live & Let Live".

  5. The Youth Advisory and Resource Centre also carried out many networking projects with other NGOs, e.g. Red Crescent Society Negeri Sembilan and St. John Ambulance Society, YWCA, etc.

  6. The National Youth Seminar on Youth - on Friendly Sexual And Reproductive Health Programme - The National Youth Agenda with International Perspectives on 09/08/2002 - 11/08/2002 at Sheraton Subang Hotel, Subang Jaya organized by FFPAM was attended by the following youth club members:
    1. Ms. Jeewarani
    2. Ms. Sharmila Devi

  7. The IPPF Regional Youth Forum in Hong Kong on 16/12/2002 - 20/12/2002 was attended by:
    1. Ms. Saridha a/p Kupusamy
    2. Ms. Lee Yoke Lee

  8. The latest project carried out by the Youth Club members was on pamphlets distribution once a month at high youth traffic areas, e.g. shopping complexes to instill awareness on "What Is a Healthy Lifestyle for Youth?" This project started in January 2003. Response by youth club members to the project was very encouraging as the youths have distributed more than 500 pamphlets.

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